BNY Electronics

With over 10 years of electronic assembly, design, and test experience, BNY can provide solutions to any custom or short order manufacturing or rework needs. We pride ourselves on made in the U.S.A. specializing in low volume, quick-turn, high quality manufacturing and rework at very competitive pricing. The company was founded in 1999 by Engineers previously employed by fortune 500 electronic contract manufacturers. The company operates independent work-cells per OEM to achieve superior quality, on-time-delivery and cost effectiveness. Other services include multi-layer PCB design and procurement, Design for Manufacturability, and Design for Testability.

BNY Electronics Inc. has been providing high tech (EMS) electronic manufacturing services since 1999. BNY is a premier company with a primary focus on high quality Ultra rapid prototyping of (SMT) Surface Mount Technology assemblies. The company is in the heart of Brevard county's space coast and strategically located near the Kennedy Space center. BNY is poised to assist local companies with their (TTM) time to market for new and emerging technologies that require rapid assembly of (CCA's) Circuit card assemblies and high speed data cables.

BNY takes pride in assembling 100% of its CCA's in the USA. We believe in American ingenuity and know how. Thats why we fabricate all of our assemblies with pride and quality right here in the USA. Contact us for all your electronic assembly needs.